Replica store

"At we specialize in creating the finest in fake" the store once appearing at this domain advertised. They also promised that luxury bags would be "replicated to the smallest detail” and that there ”fake handbags are sure to meet the standards of even the most discriminate fashion connoisseur." This of course turned out not to be the case. Replica bags, purses and other goods are made as cheaply as possible by exploited people, including children, who were paid only pennies a day for their work.

The reasons why Chanel cares so much about protecting consumers from replica products are reasons that everyone should care about.

  • Sellers of replica Chanel goods sell poor quality products. You might think you are getting a good deal but when you are ordering is not anywhere near the level of quality of an authentic Chanel item. When the product quickly starts to break, rip, fade or just fall apart there will be no one standing behind the work like Chanel will with genuine Chanel products.
  • Replica Chanel sellers do not pay taxes, leading to millions of dollars in lost revenues that would otherwise go to cities and states from the sale of legitimate goods.
  • Since selling replica Chanel products is illegal itself, it is common for replica Chanel sellers to often engage in other unlawful conduct, such as identity theft or not delivering goods that have been paid for. Some sellers of replica Chanel products may be part of organized crime networks or terrorist groups, with profits often used to support their activities.