Replica information

Chanel is concerned about the sale of counterfeit Chanel products, sales which, whether on sites such as this on or others like it, can and often do affect consumers adversely.

Websites that sell replica Chanel goods will never meet consumer expectations, which can only be fulfilled by an authentic Chanel product. Counterfeiters use shoddy materials, cut corners to produce low quality items more efficiently, and almost never consider the consumers needs before, after and during purchase. These characteristics reveal one of the lowest forms of consumer deception.

Taxes are not paid by the operators of businesses selling replica Chanel, which means millions of dollars illegally bypass the government, money that would otherwise go to cities and states through the sale of legitimate goods.

And people who sell replica Chanel goods are often engaged in other illegal activities, such as identity theft, organized crime, and terrorism. A buyer’s money often ends up funding such illegal endeavors.

Protect yourself

Simple as it may seem, Chanel cannot reveal the exact details for distinguishing between authentic Chanel products apart and replicas. Information of that sort would be used by counterfeiting operations to further confuse and trick consumers. But there are methods that you can use to ensure you receive a genuine Chanel product. If an item bears the CC monogram or the Chanel name but is advertised as being of “7-star” or “AAA” quality, that item is a fake, and its sale is illegal.

Finally, and perhaps most simply, if the offer seems too good to be true, it often is, and you are likely purchasing a counterfeit handbag or wallet. The only way to be positive that what you are buying is an authentic Chanel product is to purchase it from an authorized CHANEL retailer. If what you buy from an unauthorized dealer looks like a genuine Chanel item, there is a strong chance that what you will receive will be a replica.

As much as Chanel would like to help victims of counterfeiting, Chanel has no way of recovering the money that was lost to an outfit selling replica products and cannot repair counterfeit products. Chanel sues regularly the sellers of replica Chanel goods. In this way, Chanel is helping the existing and future victims of counterfeiting by reducing consumer risk and deception.